PUBPOL 710.001

PUBPOL 710.001: LGBTQ+ Communities and Human Trafficking

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Fall 2019
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This class is an interdisciplinary problem solving class offered at the Law School through the Problem Solving Initiative (PSI).

Narratives around combatting human trafficking are narrowly construed, with white cisgender girls typically portrayed as the victims of heteronormative sex trafficking. Such narratives, and interventions meant to aid trafficking victims, overlook LGBTQ+ communities and fail to address their needs. In this class, students will work with stakeholders and incorporate insights from law, social work, public policy, health sciences, and other fields to identify interventions designed to help LGBTQ+ trafficking victims.

This class is open to all University of Michigan graduate and professional students. Please note: Non-Law students are responsible for checking with their own schools, colleges, or units to learn if a PSI class will count toward graduation or other departmental requirements.

Non-law graduate/professional students may apply for the course by contacting [email protected].

Instructors:  Bridgette Carr (Law), Katie Doyle (Social Work)