PUBPOL 710.002

PUBPOL 710.002: Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect

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Fall 2019
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This class is an interdisciplinary problem solving class offered at the Law School through the Problem Solving Initiative (PSI).

In Michigan, many children are subject to formal child abuse and neglect investigations, and those children are at high risk of subsequent maltreatment, poor school performance, foster care placement, and other adverse life outcomes. Multidisciplinary teams of students will develop tools to identify at-risk children, mitigate risks of maltreatment and removal from the home, and engage with at-risk families. Students will incorporate evidence and ideas from education, law, health sciences, public policy, social work, information, and other fields to develop innovative solutions.

This class is open to all University of Michigan graduate and professional students. Please note: Non-Law students are responsible for checking with their own schools, colleges, or units to learn if a PSI class will count toward graduation or other departmental requirements.

Non-law graduate/professional students seeking to apply can contact [email protected].

Instructors: Vivek Sankaran (Law), Christina Weiland (Education)