PUBPOL 732: Public Policy in Post-Secondary Education

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Winter 2007
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This course examines contemporary higher education public policy issues and provides a general introduction to the policymaking process in the United States. It illustrates the creative tension that characterizes the American federal system and the interplay of different levels and branches of government as they formulate and implement higher education policy. The course will focus on state policy issues as well as on federal higher education policy. Special attention will be given to the topic of affirmative action and public policy. The course will include presentations by guest speakers who will address current issues relating to public policy and higher education. The course has two parts. The first consists of readings and class discussions about public policymaking in general and major higher education policies in particular. The second part consists of in-depth policy analysis briefings that will be conducted by the students. In the Winter 2007 semester, this class is being taught by Michael Bastedo.