PUBPOL 495.004: Policy Seminar: Immigration Policy

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Winter 2019
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Nearly fifty-five years ago, the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act changed the racial and ethnic composition of America. It also created a system of choices - both intended and unintended - that continue to shape authorized and unauthorized migration flows to the U.S. This seminar allows students to examine how the U.S. might have looked under different policy regimes; explores the political coalitions that supported major immigration reforms, in 1967, 1986, 1995, and the present day; and considers how states and the judiciary have made a place for immigrants in the U.S. system of rights. The course also explores the history of American refugee and asylum law and its intersection with immigration policy. Students will develop skill in argumentation by writing paired short papers, in which the first argues for a particular policy reform and the second, against.


PUBPOL 495 (Policy Seminar) is for students currently enrolled in the Public Policy Undergraduate Program only, no exceptions. Enrollment is by permission only.