PUBPOL 650.001: Introduction to Science and Technology Policy Analysis

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Winter 2019
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Science and technology intersect with multiple areas of public policy. Think of the growing concerns over automation, ethical challenges raised by biohacking, or the fear that American research and development competitiveness is eroding in a globalized economy. This course introduces theories and methods for addressing these challenges. Students who take with course will learn how science and technology policy is made. They will learn qualitative analytical tools for science and technology policy analysis, including innovation theory, values analysis, technology assessment, stakeholder engagement, and consensus conference design. This analytic toolkit will be drawn from literature in a range of disciplines, including political science, philosophy, sociology, history, and the science of science policy. Assignments include research funding testimonies and background and governance memos on a science and technology controversy policy of your choosing.

PubPol 650 is a core course in the Science, Technology, and Public Policy (STPP) Graduate Certificate Program, but is not limited to STPP students. It is designed for graduate students from diverse disciplines, including public policy, public health, law, business, engineering and the social, biological, and physical sciences. No scientific, technical, or policy background is necessary. 

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