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PUBPOL 529.001: Statistics

Jonathan Hanson
Tuesday, Thursday
Fall 2016
2:30-4:00 pm EDT

This course covers descriptive statistics, probability theory, probability distributions (normal, binomial, Poisson, exponential), sampling distributions, confidence intervals, and hypothesis testing.


PUBPOL 479.001: Evaluating Public Policies

Paula Lantz
Monday, Wednesday
Fall 2017
1:00-2:30 pm EDT

This 3-credit course will provide an introduction to the fundamentals of evaluation research design and methods as applied to public policies and programs.

PUBPOL 751-001

PUBPOL 751-001: Chinese Foreign Policy

Fall 2005
6:03-6:03 am EDT
This part of the course introduces students to continuity and change in China's foreign policy, focusing on the reform era.

PUBPOL 456: Local Government, Opportunity for Activism

John Hieftje
Fall 2010
6:03-6:03 am EDT
What goes on in city government is in many ways more important to our lives than what happens in Washington. This course goes beyond the structure and theory of municipal government to look at how things really happen at the local level.
PubPol 778

PubPol 778: Project Skills Workshop

Elisabeth Gerber
Fall 2010
6:03-6:03 am EDT

This is a professional skills workshop that is required for students enrolled in the Applied Policy Seminar (APS, PP578) and open to other MPP/ Master’s students. The workshop will be offered each semester, concurrent with the APS.


PUBPOL 631: Economics of Education

Fall 2011
6:03-6:03 am EDT
This course examines a number of popular approaches to education reform, using an economic lens to understand the theoretical rationale and potential impact of each.
PubPol 626

PubPol 626: The History and Future of Detroit

Fall 2012
6:03-6:03 am EDT

No metropolis played a greater role in shaping the Twentieth Century world than did Detroit. This course focuses upon the history and future of Detroit emphasizing the private and governmental policies that now seek to revitalize the city.

PubPol 422

PubPol 422: Congress & State Legislatures

John Schwarz
Tuesday, Thursday
Fall 2021
11:30 am-12:50 pm EDT

Is Congress too partisan? Can Congress fulfill its legislative and oversight functions? Do the executive and judicial branches effectively control public policy formulation?