Recognizing the Hope and Opportunity Within Our Cities

Date & time

Oct 10, 2008, 8:00 am-5:30 pm EDT


The Global Urban Symposium is a multidisciplinary forum at the University of Michigan with a focus on urban metropolises. The Symposium is hosted by the Ross School of Business and its Net Impact organization, with financial support from CLOSUP and other organizations. This day-long conference explores the role that the private, public and non-profit sectors play in addressing the challenges facing cities around the globe.

This year's conference will include sessions featuring leaders of major companies and organizations. Topics will address:

  • Attracting Young Talent
  • Consulting for the Greater Good
  • Nonprofit Social Enterprise
  • Transformative Real Estate
  • The Role of CSR in Urban Revitalization
  • Urban Philanthropy
  • The Future of Urban Energy
  • Social Marketing in an Urban Context
  • Using Microfinance to Make Change
  • Urban Carbon Strategy Workshop
  • Entrepreneurship with Social Impact
  • Transforming Urban Education
  • Walkable Urbanity
  • Foreclosure and the Impact on Urban Neighborhoods
  • Urban Transportation
  • The Role of the Arts in Urban Revitalization

In addition to the regular sessions, this year there will be a series of panels focused on the innovative efforts going on in Detroit.