Making Science Policy Panel Discussion

Date & time

Mar 9, 2012, 2:30-4:30 pm EST

Many of the decisions facing legislators require a level of scientific or technical expertise that very few have. Examples of such decisions in the field of health include: stem cell research, vaccination programs, biotechnology funding, and soil and water contamination.

This workshop will focus on the underlying decision processes that Michigan policy-makers use to protect the public health of Michigan's citizens.

How do they leverage background knowledge with political constraints, lobbying efforts, and the advice of experts? What expertise networks do they use? How can these processes be improved? Can University of Michigan faculty and students play a helpful role in these processes?

Panel Discussion:

Rebekah Warren, Michigan Senator, representing Ann Arbor

Bill Rustem, Director of Strategy for Governor Rick Snyder

Steve Angelotti, Associate Director for the Michigan Senate Fiscal Agency

Dr. Joe Schwarz, Physician, UM Professor, former Michigan Senator and U.S. Representative

Dr. Gil Omenn, University of Michigan Professor of Internal Medicine, Human Genetics, and Public Health (moderator)

Join us and learn from the policy makers as they examine their strategies for obtaining technical expertise and explore how they sift through the information they receive. This panel is of special interest to those in public policy, public health, or the sciences who would like to work effectively across disciplines.