Science, Technology, and Public Policy graduate certificate information session

Date & time

Jan 29, 2013, 7:00-8:00 pm EST


The Science, Technology, and Public Policy (STPP) Program invites you to attend the STPP GRADUATE CERTIFICATE PROGRAM INFORMATION SESSION scheduled for:

Tuesday (1/29), 7-8:00pm; 1230 Weill Hall, Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy, 735 S. State Street
Monday (2/4), 12n-1pm; 3213 Lurie Center Johnson Rooms, 1221 Beal Street

* Energy resources & uses
* Stem cell research
* Biotech research
* Vaccination and prescription drug regulations
* Intellectual property issues
* Climate change --

These are some of the science related issues that policy-makers face. STPP will help you develop methods and tools for science and technology policy analysis.

Join us for a pizza and meet the directors, staff and other STPP students and find out more about the program!