Type: Meeting

Info Session: 2018 Global Engagement Seminar: Costa Rica


Date & time

Sep 19, 2017, 12:00-1:00 pm EDT


Weill Hall, Fisher Classroom (#1220)
735 S. State Street

Interested in how policy issues are tackled in countries beyond the United States? Wondering about the relevance of your policy skills in a non-U.S. context? If you are looking to expand the base of your policy knowledge, this could be the course for you! 

Please join Professor Susan Waltz for an information session about the course and how to apply!

About the BA Global Engagement Seminar:

In winter term 2018 we are launching a new global engagement seminar for undergraduates, first of its kind at the Ford School. This advanced seminar will challenge public policy majors to consider how policy issues are framed and addressed in a non-U.S. context. It includes traditional course work and a weeklong policy study tour in Costa Rica (over winter break), where students will have opportunity to discuss the policy issues with local stakeholders. Course work in this inaugural run will revolve around two issues that are high on Costa Rica’s policy agenda—environmental concerns and immigration.  Students will have plenty of opportunity to dig deeply into these issues as they interact with local stakeholders in Costa Rica and prepare policy report during final weeks of the semester.  

The seminar and study tour will be led by Professor Susan Waltz (http://fordschool.umich.edu/faculty/susan-waltz)

Please address any questions to Clifton Martin, Global Engagement Program Manager | [email protected] | Weill Hall #3317