Type: Meeting

Krzysztof Smiszek, Polish human rights lawyer and activist.

Ford School Faculty and Students Workshop Lunch


Limitation of Human Rights Enjoyment Under the New Regime of Illiberal Democracy in Poland

Date & time

Sep 17, 2018, 11:30 am-1:00 pm EDT

Krzysztof Smiszek, Polish human rights lawyer and activist, is co-founder and Board Member of The Polish Society of Antidiscrimination Law - nation-wide organization which brings together a range of Polish law practitioners, policy experts and academics interested in promotion and improving anti-discrimination legislation. 

International Policy Center will host an informal workshop lunch discussion with Krzysztof Smiszek on how facade democracies are narrowing the space for fundamental freedoms and rights. What are the strategies of the authorities? What kind of legal tools are being employed to distract society from the desire of expressing its opinions and objection? What are the strategies of human rights defenders? Who are the first scapegoats of the new government? 

We hope you can join us. Please sign up with Zuzana Wiseley at [email protected]