Faculty by courtesy

William Axinn

Professor of Sociology; Research Professor, Survey Research Center and Population Studies Center, Institute for Social Research; Professor of Public Policy (by courtesy)

William Axinn is a research professor at the Institute for Social Research, professor in the Department of Sociology, a faculty affiliate at the Center for South and Southeast Asian Studies and a professor of public policy. He is a sociologist and demographer whose research interests center on fertility and family demography. Axinn’s program of research addresses the relationships among social change, the social organization of families, intergenerational relationships, marriage, cohabitation, fertility and mental health in the United States and Nepal.  He also studies the interrelationships between population and the environment and new techniques for the collection of social science data. More recently in his career, Axinn’s interests have evolved to include public policy applications of his research. His teaching centers on the family, the life course, fertility and research methods.