Movements and Moments

State & Hill magazine, fall 2020
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Sometimes you have to not just dream about what could be—you get out and push and you pull and you preach. And you create a climate and environment to get those in high places, to get men and women of goodwill in power to act.

Former U.S. Representative John Lewis
Michael Barr and a scaled replica statue of Gerald R. Ford, both masked amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Message from the dean

“We’ve experienced hope that what we’ve seen aren’t just hard moments, that they’re also leading to positive movements in progress—people coming together with a sustained, shared commitment to building change, to insisting on meaningful change.”
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Video feature

Currents: Action on urgent issues

Perspectives from alumni, faculty, and students as they take on Wall Street and engage in BLM political action, global climate action, and the recent U-M graduate student employee strike.
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Preparing leaders for the public good

The school’s growing Leadership Initiative prepares students to lead organizations, lead others, and lead themselves.
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Leading through crisis

Leaders have been put to the test in 2020. Dean Michael Barr and others reflect on public leadership and what we’ve drawn from the COVID crisis.
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The November 2020 elections marked a historic moment for our country. Members of our community learned about and supported our democracy in many ways. 

Equal opportunity, equal talent

With a generous gift from the Kohn Charitable Trust, two new professorships will address structural inequality and social policy.
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Catch up on recent news about Ford School faculty and former classmates, get The Last Word from Associate Dean Paula Lantz, and more.

Top photo: Zuri Jensen, 7, atop her father’s pickup during the protest at the corner of 72nd and Dodge Streets in Omaha, Nebraska, June 2020. Photo by Dalton Carper.