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State & Hill, fall 2023
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Celeste Watkins-Hayes
Celeste Watkins-Hayes

Warm greetings!

This edition of State & Hill focuses on stories of local impact. This is where policymaking can feel incredibly personal—where researchers, advocates, decision makers, and the people impacted by social policies live and work in close proximity to each other. It’s often in these policy laboratories where we listen intently, test questions and ideas, and find new and exciting ways to support our neighbors. Read more

Social policy close to home

Piloting guaranteed income

Kristin Seefeldt and U-M researchers work to reimagine social safety net in Ann Arbor and beyond
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Social policy close to home

Injustice of place

Luke Shaefer’s new lens on American poverty
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Meet our new dean

Acclaimed sociologist Celeste Watkins-Hayes reflects on her scholarship, her mentors, and Gerald Ford
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Social policy close to home

Resilient democracies

Associate Dean Jenna Bednar on what keeps democracies strong
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Social policy close to home

Snapshot: Associate Dean Jeffrey Morenoff

Survey researcher, census challenger, criminal justice reformer
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Social policy close to home

Original IPPSter still making cities more equitable

Sherry Suttles (MPP ‘71) made history as the first Black woman city manager in the United States. Now, at 76, she is heading her second nonprofit dedicated to community development and preserving Black history.
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In addition

Confronting the “Coup Belt” in Africa

Two deeply experienced practitioners of statecraft and diplomacy—Susan D. Page and Kamissa Camara—provide insights
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Meet Megan Stewart

Expert on inequality and political violence now directs the Ford School’s International Policy Center
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The Rules of Attention

Philadelphia Poet laureate and educator Airea D. Matthews (MPA ’07) returned to the Ford School this fall to discuss her memoir-in-verse, BREAD AND CIRCUS.
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Fordies in the news
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Highlights from Policy Talks @ the Ford School
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Faculty findings

Transmission capacity, climate communication, and carbon pricing
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Dean: Celeste Watkins-Hayes; Associate Dean for Academic Affairs: Jenna Bednar; Associate Dean for Research and Policy Engagement: Jeffrey Morenoff; Director of Communications/Executive Editor: Laura K. Lee (MPP ’96); Managing editor: Rebecca Cohen (MPP ’09); Art lead: Madison Brow; Contributors: Daniel Rivkin, Lauren Slagter, Tracey Van Dusen, Miriam Wasserman; Class Notes Editor: Elisabeth Johnston; Photographers: Eric Bronson, Erin Kirkland, Amanda Mae, Daryl Marshke, Michigan Photography, Peter Smith, Austin Thomason; Design: Savitski Design; Printer: University Lithoprinters, Inc.

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