COVID-19 insights and action

Our faculty, staff, students, and alumni are leading the charge on public policy responses to and analysis of the COVID-19 crisis.

Our population, our health care and economic systems, our workforce, housing, and security have all be affected, with some damage yet to be fully seen. The pandemic has laid bare our world’s racism, economic injustice, and other social and structural inequalities: the virus touches all, but the most significant and direct impacts have been and will continue to be on vulnerable people and communities.

Since mid-March 2020, our community has pulled together to find solutions.

Whether it is ensuring that our most vulnerable residents have their basic needs met, assessing the damage to our economy, gathering insights about health preparedness and responses on the ground from Michigan to Mozambique, addressing national security concerns, or providing critical information to residents and small businesses so they can stay afloat, Ford School faculty, students, and alumni are engaged and committed.

Research insights

Dean Yang supports Mozambique's COVID-19 response

With a focus on social connections, Yang's research provides vital data and assesses the impact of messaging efforts on improving social distancing behaviors.
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Research insights

What we can learn from HIV/AIDS

Celeste Watkins-Hayes shows how shoring up and expanding the HIV safety net can target health disparities exposed by COVID-19—and fight two of the present day's most impactful infectious diseases.
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Engaging community

Majority of Detroiters unlikely to get COVID-19 vaccine

Detroit Metro Area Communities Study (DMACS) finds that although most Detroiters view the pandemic as very serious, 60%+ are unlikely to get the vaccine. Black residents are 4x as likely as white residents to hold this position. This is the fifth rapid-response survey measuring the impact of the pandemic on Detroit residents.
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Engaging community

Students help local townships navigate and adapt

COVID-19 Consulting Corps students partnered with the Michigan Townships Association to provide guidance in the face of pandemic challenges.
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Policy impact

College tuition for frontline workers

Youth Policy Lab Fellow Avazeh Attari helped developed the new Michigan policy inspired by the G.I. Bill.
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Research insights

Shobita Parthasarathy considers inequalities in innovation to fight COVID-19

Parthasarathy’s current research looks at how governments have been approaching testing and the social, equity, and public health implications of those efforts, with a focus on the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, and South Korea.
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Research insighs

Dynarksi sheds light on exacerbated education gaps

Susan M. Dynarski's research shows disparities that have existed in college attendance have widened, which affects poverty rates, social mobility, and an overall effect of reducing economic growth. The move to remote learning has also disproportionately affected low-income students, for whom technology and internet access can be challenging.
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Research insights

Ann Lin compares international COVID-19 perspectives

Lin joined U-M Professors to conduct a survey in over a dozen locations around the world which looked at how people feel about the disease and prevention efforts, anxiety, vaccination, and blame.
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Research insights

A fading outlook among Michigan local government leaders

Michigan Public Policy Survey measures the attitudes about the direction of the state, and the performances of the governor and the legislature amidst pandemic.
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Adrienne Harris on the impact of the coin shortage due to COVID-19. Check out the video from VICE.

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