Extracurricular programming

The Leadership Initiative hosts workshops, immersive experiences and talks designed to equip Ford School students with the competencies needed to lead self, others, organizations and communities. Each program or event supports the development of a leadership behavior or leader identity. Students who attend programs participate in action-based learning and reflection and gain new insights as they interact with faculty, alumni, presenters, and each other.

We also partner with units across campus to provide an array of opportunities for leaders to develop. Our campus partners increase the diversity of perspectives and the breadth of programming available to students. 

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Experiences & Workshops

These programs are designed to equip graduate and undergraduate students with the skills and tools needed to effectively lead self, teams, organizations, and communities. Students have opportunities on- and off- campus to develop and refine leadership competencies from mindfulness and communication skills to conflict resolution, negotiation and facilitation skills. Immersive experiences provide opportunities to ‘process in the moment’ and reflect on one’s values in action. Exercises are followed by group discussions of ‘real life’ applications. Workshops are generally one hour sessions focused on understanding and developing one specific competency and often led by outside experts.
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Leaders Model the Way


The Leadership Initiative hosts and co-hosts policymakers and other public leaders who shed light on how they responded to adversity, their successes, and even, how they failed. Through the speakers’ stories, students learn how to navigate challenges and expand their conception of what a leader for the public good looks like. Often, in addition to the public events, speakers allow time for networking with students in small group sessions.
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Jessica Liang (MPP/MBA ‘23) shares how she learned how to tell influential stories in M-LEAD’s Break Away Podcast.