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Learning doesn't stop when you leave the Ford School. 

The career services team is here for you whether you want to upgrade your skills, change jobs, or brush up on a policy issue. Check out the resources below. Staff is available as time permits to help guide and point you in the right direction.

Looking for a new job?

Register as an alum on FordCareers, the Ford School's recruiting database, and select "Alumni Registration". Please keep in mind that the vast majority of opportunities in our system are targeted to current undergrad and graduate students, and recent alums.

For additional ideas, check out U-M's Alumni Career Program.

Lifelong learning

Upgrade your skills or learn something new.


Join Brian Jacob in exploring the world of student debt, and the benefits of a college education in the Student Debt Crisis Teach-Out™ at Michigan Online. Learn more:

Data Analytics in the Public Sector with R

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Paula Lantz and Christopher Brooks help learners deepen their technical data analysis skills grounded in the fundamentals of public administration, public policy analysis, and data ethics. Learn more and enroll in the "Data Analytics in the Public Sector With R" at


People, Technology, and the Future of Mobility

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Liz Gerber explores the far-reaching social, economic, and policy implications of electrification and automation. Learn more and enroll at


Justice and Equity in Technology Policy

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Shobita Parthasarathy examines how inequity and injustice can become embedded in technology, science, and associated policies. Read more about this course. Learn more and enroll in “Justice and Equity in Technology Policy” through Michigan Online.


Using Public Policy for Social Change

Paula Lantz provides a broad overview of the public policy process, including how policymakers design, implement, and evaluate policies to address social issues at a large scale. Enroll now:

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College As An Investment | Student Debt Crisis Teach-Out

Brian Jacob discusses the decision to go to college and its impacts on finances and the future, exploring the world of student debt and the benefits of a college education in the Student Debt Crisis Teach-Out™ at Michigan Online. Learn more:

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Keep in touch with fellow Fordies on LinkedIn

Be ready for your next career move. Strengthen and extend your network of trusted, professional contacts with access to the Ford School's exclusive and powerful alumni LinkedIn Group.
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Broaden your network

Broaden your network even further through the U-M Career Center's online networking tool or the U-M Alumni Online Communities /Alumni Directory.