Ford School, Weill Hall join U-M Planet Blue energy conservation efforts

November 17, 2009
The Ford School has joined the U-M's Planet Blue, a campus-wide outreach campaign designed to get students, faculty, and staff engaged in building-specific efforts to achieve energy and environmental conservation.

In early November, Planet Blue hosted a Weill Hall Open House that featured booths on energy savings, building systems, recycling, waste reduction, alternative transportation, green purchasing, and the Climate Savers Computing Initiative. Over 170 people attended the event and many signed up to become "Planet Blue citizens." Planet Blue citizens have access to a personalized webpage that allows them to learn about steps they can take to conserve energy, share ideas, and learn about energy issues unique to Weill Hall.

The open house kicked-off Planet Blue's multi-month engagement with the Ford School. Bill Kelly, Katie Talik, Josh Keyes, Greg Mandelman, Randall Thomas, and Linda Anderson will represent the Ford School on a Planet Blue Team that includes key experts in energy efficiency optimization and waste reduction from around the University.

Planet Blue is the part of the six point Environmental and Energy Initiative at the University of Michigan. The mission of Planet Blue is to actively engage the University of Michigan community to conserve utilities and increase recycling thereby saving money and benefiting the environment.