Susan M. Collins discusses the importance of exports in the recovery of the U.S. job market with U-M News Service

December 8, 2009

Susan M. Collins was invited to attend the early December presidential forum on jobs and economic growth in Washington D.C. Collins participated in the breakout session called "Expanding Job Opportunities for American Workers through Exports" where experts from business, policy, and academia discussed ways in which economic growth could be better balanced between demand from U.S. and global consumers.

In an audio podcast, Collins explains that exports are an important part of the long-term job growth strategy of the United States. American exports are surprising small for a country of our size, and there is the potential for considerable growth. Business leaders at the summit called for more open global markets and changes in visa and tax regulations to spur job growth at their corporations. Collins believes that academic research can help supply the information needed to make informed export policy decisions.


Screenshot from, which live webstreamed the entire jobs summit

Listen to the Podcast: