Ford School alums approve changes to Alumni Board By-Laws

October 5, 2010
By a large majority, the Ford School alumni body has voted to approve two changes to the documents that govern the school's Alumni Board.

The approved changes (1) adjust board composition to integrate the new pool of Ford School BA students and alumni, and (2) enable the Alumni Board to adjust its own governing constitution and bylaws, making the updating process more closely aligned with that of other University of Michigan schools.

The changes were approved by the Board of Directors of the U-M Alumni Association during its September meeting and are currently in effect.

As a result of the changes, BA alumni will be eligible to run for a designated seat on the alumni board in the Fall 2011 election cycle. The BA representative seat is currently filled by a member of the school's first graduating BA class, appointed by Dean Collins in 2010 to serve on the board for a two-year term.

For the current year, the Alumni Board will seek to fill the six open seats from among the MPP, MPA and PhD graduates.

The approved bylaw changes also add a requirement of at least two years of professional work experience for Board candidates and enable future amendments to the constitution and bylaws to be approved by a 2/3 vote of the Alumni Board itself, subject to the approval of Board of Directors of the University's Alumni Association.

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