Health economics and public policy

December 6, 2010

Another faculty member on loan from the University of Michigan this year is research professor Helen Levy, who was appointed this August to serve a one-year term as a senior economist for the Council of Economic Advisers (CEA)—an agency that provides the U.S. President with economic advice related to the formulation of domestic and international economic policy. Over the next year, Levy will serve with other CEA appointees at the White House to analyze economic research and empirical evidence, with the goal of formulating and recommendingnational economic policies designed to promote employment and economic growth.


Helen Levy

Helen Levy

At the Ford School, Levy recently taught "Health Economics and Public Policy," a course designed to introduce graduate students to the economics of health and medical care—offering instruction in the analytic tools needed to evaluate policies. Levy has also led major research initiatives for the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the National Institute on Aging, the Michigan Retirement Research Center, and many other foundations and agencies seeking to understand how low-income families adapt to loss of health insurance, the persistence and impact of high health spending, health literacy and health disparities among the elderly, and the effects of specific government-sponsored health insurance programs on household wellbeing.

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