The Michigan Review quoted CLOSUP's Tom Ivacko in an article titled, "Accelerate Michigan."

October 19, 2010
The Ford School's Tom Ivacko was quoted in a Michigan Review article titled, "Accelerate Michigan." Business Leaders of Michigan (BLM), a coalition of large companies within the state, has partnered with the University Research Corridor (U-M, MSU, and Wayne State University) to create an initiative called "Accelerate Michigan."

The goal of the partnership is to stimulate Michigan's economy, and the article describes Ivacko as optimistic about the potential impact of the initiative. "I think the program can indeed help the Michigan economy," Ivacko told the Review, "although it will only be one part of the overall solution." Ivacko went on to say that the new partnership between the three major research universities and Michigan's major corporations "may help drive further tech transfer from the campuses to the private sector, creating new jobs and diversifying the state's economic base."

"Accelerate Michigan" will get started this fall with a business plan development competition open to college students.