Christian Science Monitor interviews John D. Ciorciari in article, "Historic Burma trip for Hillary Clinton: Enough focus on human rights?"

November 30, 2011

John D. Ciorciari was quoted in a Christian Science Monitor article about how and why U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will address political, economic, and human rights issues during her 3-day visit to Burma (Myanmar).

"Secretary Clinton's visit can help improve human rights in Burma if U.S. engagement is carefully and deliberately linked to policy reforms," Ciorciari told the Christian Science Monitor. "It's possible, but it's not automatic."

In the article, Ciorciari also explained the timing of this visit is important. "The Burmese government has been able to witness the neighboring countries' economic dynamism, and it can't have helped but see the Arab Spring and other parts of the world where longstanding regimes that resisted political reforms have been swept away by people on the march," he told the Christian Science Monitor. "That doesn't mean U.S. engagement with Burma should be directed toward a short-term goal of regime change, but it can be used to implement policies that encourage Burma to pursue meaningful reforms."