Ford School BA student Zachary Berlin is editor-in-chief of student-run magazine

April 14, 2011

Ford School undergrad Zachary Berlin is editor-in-chief of Consider, a point-counterpoint publication that returned to campus after a two-year hiatus.

This student-run magazine was created in 1983 by students from Hillel to initiate dialogue in a short, four-page format. "The original idea was for it to be easy to read and accessible," Berlin told the University Record. "It exists now to encourage civil discourse on campus."

Consider gives people with opposing viewpoints the opportunity to share freely. "(Many people) only have time to read what's relevant to them. And this polarizes world discourse. If I hear both sides of an issue, I can solidify my viewpoint and have more of an identity," Berlin explained to the Record.

Consider publishes 1,500 issues—spanning local, national, and international topics—20 times each year that can be read in hard copy, online, and through Facebook and Twitter. Comments about current stories, and suggestions for future stories, can be submitted through Consider's website:

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