Ford School undergrads honored as Angell Scholars, Phi Beta Kappa members

March 28, 2011

Ford School BAs were recently honored as James B. Angell Scholars and invited to join the University of Michigan chapter of Phi Beta Kappa Academic Honor Society in recognition of their academic achievements.

James B. Angell Scholars

On March 20, 2011 twenty-six undergrads were named Angell Scholars at the 88th Annual Honors Convocation, which celebrates the achievement of undergraduate students with distinguished academic records. Angell Scholars are University of Michigan undergraduate students who earn all A+, A, or A- grades for 2 or more consecutive terms in a calendar year. Many of the Ford School students listed below have been Scholars for multiple semesters; the number in parentheses represents the number of terms each student has received Angell honors.

Congratulations to the Ford School honorees:

Yevgeniya Abramovich (2), Candice Ammori (5), Andrew Chinsky (3), Molly Cohen (5), Nathan Cole (2), An-Li Herring (3), Robert Hinck (3), Beatrice Hinton (3), Meredith Horowski (5), Brandon Kappy (5), Emily Knoll (2), Kyle Kreshover (3), Phillip Kurdunowicz (4), Jeremy Levy (3), Colin Maloney (7), Laura Mason (4), Carl Patchen (2), Tommaso Pavone (6), Karen Ritter (4), Joseph Sandman (2), Ajooni Sethi (2), Douglas Sharp (6), Christopher Sorenson (2), Kelsey Vanoverloop (4), Lauren Wisniewski (2), and Steven Zuckerman (2).

Phi Beta Kappa

Fourteen Ford School BAs, including one junior, were invited to join the oldest scholastic honorary society in America, Phi Beta Kappa.

Less than ten percent of each year's graduating seniors and a very few juniors of the highest scholastic ranking may be invited to join Phi Beta Kappa. Invitations to membership take into account achievement in the liberal arts as indicated by a student's cumulative grade point average, strength of curriculum, demonstrated proficiency in foreign language and mathematics, and other factors.

Congratulations to the Ford School honorees:

Erin Biehl, Daniel Childs, Andrew Chinsky, Molly Cohen, Nathan Cole, Tommaso Pavone, An-Li Herring, Robert Hinck, Brandon Kappy (junior), Kyle Kreshover, Phillip Kurdunowicz, Colin Malone, Douglas Sharp, and Kelsey Vanoverloop.