Richard L. Hall interviewed on NPR's Morning Edition about Mitt Romney's health care speech

May 13, 2011
Richard L. Hall was interviewed on NPR's nationwide broadcast of Morning Edition about Mitt Romney's recent health care speech at the University of Michigan.

In his presentation, Romney, an unofficial candidate for the 2012 presidential election, explained why he does not support President Obama's health care law despite the fact that he passed a similar law in Massachusetts while he was governor. Romney said he did what was right for the state of Massachusetts—creating a state law for a state problem.

"I think it's politically the smartest move he has available," Hall told Morning Edition about Romney's continued support of the Massachusetts law. "He's doing it [addressing Massachusetts' health care law] now, trying to get as much attention and, you know, sort of make it old news as early as he can, so that then he'll be better able to shape the agenda for the Republican primaries."

Listen to the NPR story.