Sheldon Danziger quoted in article, "Activist's harsh words make waves"

September 4, 2011
Sheldon Danziger was quoted in a article about conservative writer Robert Rector's claims that media has misled Americans into thinking the poor are living in desperate conditions.

The article's author, Alfred Lubrano, writes that many describe Rector's work for the DC-based Heritage Foundation as "pseudo-social science" and "twisting facts to promulgate a right-wing agenda." Despite his critics, Rector's research has helped shape U.S. poverty policies, especially the sweeping 1996 changes to the U.S. welfare system.

"What Grover Norquist is to income taxes, Rector is to poverty programs," Sheldon Danziger told Lubrano. "Rector is very, very influential with House Republicans and has been for years," Danziger said.