Sheldon Danziger quoted in Yahoo News blog about how to create U.S. jobs

August 12, 2011
Sheldon Danziger was quoted in a Yahoo News blog post, "Five ideas to create jobs that are so crazy they might just work."

One of the five ideas presented by The Lookout blogger Zachary Roth calls for the government to offer subsidies to private sector companies for hiring new workers. A version of this tactic was tried in 2009, and Roth writes that "the results were generally well-received"--the government invested $1.3 billion in subsidies that employed 260,000 people, nearly 2 percent of jobless people.

"Republican governors and Democratic governors all thought that this was a pretty good idea," Danziger, told The Lookout. This stimulus law expired in 2010 and it doesn't appear that Congress will resurrect it.