Ann Lin discusses SCOTUS immigration ruling for "Policy Points"

June 26, 2012

Ann C. Lin discussed the significance of the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling Monday on Arizona's immigration law for a Ford School video series, "Policy Points."

The Court upheld part of the law known as the "Papers, Please" provision, but overturned three other key provisions. Lin said the Court's reaffirmation that the federal government sets immigration policy protects not only illegal but also legal immigrants in the U.S. from being treated differently from state to state.

Lin is an associate professor of public policy at the Ford School. She is researching potential immigration policies, such as guest-worker programs and legalization, and the political beliefs of American immigrants. In January, she coordinated the Ford School's Integrated Policy Exercise, a simulation addressing immigration and border security issues that involved all students in the MPP and MPA programs.

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