Engaged alums: Claudia Muñoz (MPP '09)

May 12, 2012

For Claudia Muñoz, the collegial working atmosphere at LMI Government Consulting isn't a far cry from her experience in the Ford School community. At the Ford School, she received a well-rounded policy education in a culture and curriculum that emphasizes teamwork—something she relies on every day working with LMI. As a consultant, Claudia works from the Pentagon as Director of the Ministry of Defense Advisors Program, which sends civilians to aid Afghan defense officials. "Now I'm in the role of recruiting top candidates from policy programs around the country, and the Ford School is a key recruiting stop for us." Ford School students are also known to have strong quantitative skills and strong writing skills, and she says she wouldn't have her current job without this particular professional skill set. The same can be said of the cohort of Ford School alums who are now a part of the LMI team—all recruited by Claudia.