Matthew Davis quoted in Live Science about top concerns in child health

June 18, 2012

Matthew Davis was quoted in a Live Science story about what American voters consider the highest priority in child health in the 2012 election. The article focused on the findings of a C.S. Mott Children's Hospital National Poll on Children's Health of which Davis is the director.

The survey of 2,100 adult Americans found that around 17 percent said that childhood obesity was the top issue; 15 percent said that it was bullying. Drug abuse was the top priority for 11 percent, and child abuse and neglect for 8 percent. Priorities did not vary based on political party, affiliation, or race.

"These are common issues that we can agree on, no matter your choice of presidential candidates," said Davis. "These four issues—childhood obesity, bullying, drug abuse and child abuse and neglect—were the choice of more than half of the adults that we polled."