Global Michigan post on Lieberthal Policy Talks lecture

February 14, 2013

A new Global Michigan post highlights Kenneth Lieberthal's lecture on Chinese foreign policy at the latest event in the Ford School's Policy Talks series. Lieberthal, a leading expert on China and a professor emeritus at the University of Michigan, spoke at length about China's relationships with the United States, Japan, and North Korea.

The Global Michigan feature summarizes Lieberthal's remarks on how China might collaborate with the United States and other western powers in dealing with Korea, which recently performed its third nuclear test.

"In the U.N., they (China) should support a resolution," Lieberthal said. "It won't be quite as harsh as it otherwise would have been. Get the Chinese to sign off on it the best they can and praise them for doing it."

Lieberthal also discussed China-Japan tensions over islands in the East China Sea that are claimed by both countries.

"The danger here is that there are enough boats and enough planes increasingly challenging each other, just by their presence, that there could well be an accident or an incident," Leiberthal said. "If that occurs, this will turn instantaneously into a whole different problem."

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