Justin Wolfers in New York Times article examining unemployment rates for college graduates

May 3, 2013

Justin Wolfers was quoted in a New York Times article, "College Graduates Fare Well in Jobs Market, Even Through Recession," which discusses data from a recent U.S. Department of Labor report.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the overall unemployment rate in April 2013 was 7.5 percent–a 0.4 percent decrease since January–but the unemployment rate for those with college degrees was only 3.9 percent.

Though the unemployment rate for college grads is lower than average–and has been since the recession began–doesn't mean the jobs are "good." Some employers are now requiring college degrees where they once weren't needed, in positions such as receptionists, waitresses, and car rental agents.

"High-skilled people can take the jobs of middle-skilled people, and middle-skilled people can take jobs of low-skilled people," Wolfers told the New York Times. "And low-skilled people are out of luck."