Matthew Davis quoted in Ann Arbor Journal about National Voices Project

May 1, 2013

Matthew Davis was quoted in an Ann Arbor Journal article about the W.K. Kellogg Foundation's National Voices Project, which he directs. The National Voices Project is a five-year study designed to determine the health care opportunities available to children and teens as measured by the perceptions of adults who work and volunteer with these kids.

"The adults in the National Voices Project survey work or volunteer on behalf of kids. These are the adults who are perhaps best positioned to refer children and teens to the healthcare services they need," Davis said in a news release.

The recently released results from a survey fielded in August 2012 found that 55 percent of respondents said there is "lots of availability" for teens to have hospital care in their communities, but only 30 percent said the same for mental health care.

"These findings indicate low availability of mental health care for children and teens in the majority of communities across the U.S.," Davis explained in the release. "Even in communities where there are lots of opportunities for children and teens to get primary care or hospital care, access to mental health care is lacking."