Parthasarathy quoted by PBS's NOVA Next in story on gene patents

March 19, 2013

Shobita Parthasarathy was interviewed in an article from PBS's NOVA Next about the effects of the U.S. patent system on scientific research and medical treatment.

The article explores whether gene patents — patents on isolating or using genes in a form not found in nature — are an impediment to personalized medicine. Gene testing and analysis can reveal an individual's risk of illness and therefore help in tailoring treatment. In some cases, the article explains, patenting has discouraged researchers from pursuing some areas of study because of the risk of infringing on a gene patent.

"There is a growing drumbeat of concern about whether the U.S. patent system serves the public interest," Parthasarathy told Nova. "It might take time, but I think that eventually this outcry will lead to changes in policy."