Welcome to the Ford School!

August 10, 2013

The Ford School is pleased to welcome its newest PhD, master's, and BA students.

Welcome Week and Orientation (August 26–August 30) marks the official start of the academic year at the Ford School and gives new PhD, master's, and BA students the opportunity to meet and engage with peers, faculty, and staff, and begin the process of preparing for the academic year.

New PhD, MPP, MPA, and BA candidates will learn the nuts and bolts of life at Weill Hall, meet future professors, meet peers, and learn how best to utilize Ford School offerings such as Student and Academic Services and Graduate Career Services.

New Fordies will meet the new director of Student and Academic Services, Susan Guindi, and Sharon Maccini, who is the new director of the undergraduate degree program.

Welcome Week is an annual event that helps students consider what it means to join a community like the Ford School and embark on a rigorous, professional degree path. During the week's activities, new students will be introduced to some of the school's core values of academic integrity, diversity, mutual respect, and constructive engagement.

The BA Orientation takes place on Friday, August 30.