Whitman speculates about the priorities of a political party appealing to moderates

November 14, 2013

In Detroit Free Press op-ed , Marina v. N. Whitman asks "what would a political party that appeals to moderates look like?" Whitman writes that a party representing the moderate majority would stand for fiscal responsibility and social inclusiveness and restore the language and behavior of bipartisanship.

Whitman provides a list of what she believes would be the policy priorities of this moderate party, including reversing the recent actions on deficit reduction, acknowledging the need to trim some entitlement programs, simplifying and closing loopholes in the tax code, and recognizing the need to maintain a social safety net for people on the lower rungs of the income ladder. Whitman writes that such a party would also scrutinize overly complex regulatory structures, push to advance immigration reform, and sweep "wedge" social issues pulling the parties apart off the table "by ensuring equal rights for all and keeping government out of deeply personal and private decisions."