Wolfers and McIntyre featured in roundup of most important economic stories of 2013

December 10, 2013

Ford School professor Justin Wolfers and current masters student Adrianna McIntyre (MPP/MPH '15) among 43 economists, journalists, and think-tankers asked by The Atlantic to select charts they think best represent the year in economics.

Wolfers selected a chart showing the actual and projected federal debt as a percentage of gross domestic product, which is set to be stable over the next decade. He notes that his selection "isn't to deny that we have important fiscal issues" but that the graph shows that "it's time to update tired old talking points" about rising public debt.

McIntrye, who writes for the blog The Incidental Economist, selected a chart showing the number of new enrollees at Healthcare.gov comparing those who are and are not chronically ill. She explains that the results are surprising as, "with or without website glitches, we would have expected early enrollment at HealthCare.gov to skew disproportionately older and sicker."

Wolfers and McIntrye's selections, as well as 41 other graphics, can be found in The Atlantic's roundup of the most important economic stories of 2013.