What's new about our new site? Just about everything.

September 5, 2014

Welcome to the Ford School's all-new presence on the web.

For the past ten months, we've been working to design, create, and implement a brand new website. From concept to functionality to content, our goal was to capture and convey our strengths and standing as one of the best policy schools in the country.

We're launching our new site midway through our centennial year, as we turn from celebrating the achievements of the past to embracing the challenges and opportunities of the century ahead.

What's new about our site? It's fully database-driven, so that users can easily pull together related news, courses, faculty expertise, events, and content from across the site. Check it out on your mobile devices too: the site was designed to be device-agnostic, with all critical functions and information accessible on phones and tablets.

Two other improvements of note: we’ve added a password-protected intranet that allows us to better share business-related content with internal audiences. And we’ve added an online historical timeline so we can share more, and more detailed, stories about our community. (Look for timeline updates in the weeks ahead, as we count down to The Centennial Reunion.)

We bought local, too. The site was developed in partnership with two top-notch local technology and creative firms, Hile Creative and The Linux Box.

A number of adjustments and tweaks are still in progress. Look in the coming days for improvements to the video library, for example.

And we're eager to hear from you. What do you think? Can you find what you need? Are you having trouble with any of the functions, font sizes, or colors? Please do let us know. You'll notice a small yellow pop-up box in the bottom corner of the desktop screen, and you can use that box to send us a note via chat or email. Or just drop a line to [email protected].