Latest State & Hill addresses rising inequality, null results, the dawn of policy, and more

May 2, 2016

This spring, State & Hill magazine focuses on the vitally important theme of rising inequality.

Feature stories highlight the work of six Ford School faculty members who are combating inequality in a number of arenas:

Other stories include a tribute to early IPPS and the dawn of public policy; the power of null results on what we can learn from research failures; Kathryn Dominguez on her interdisciplinary course, Jane Austen and economics; Menna Demessie's work fighting socioeconomic disparities in black communities at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation; and a story about the Ford School’s Alumni Board, a quarter-century since its founding. 

Also see our departments, including "Discourse" highlighting Ford School faculty in the news; "Soundbites" from Policy Talks @ the Ford School; a roundup of Ford School "Faculty News"; "Class Notes" from Ford School alumni, and "The Last Word" from the Ford School's writing instructors on what they teach, why those skills matter for aspiring public servants, and what they love about the work.