National Academy of Sciences taps Rohde for SBS committee on national security research

February 17, 2017

The National Academy of Sciences has appointed Joy Rohde to serve on an 18-member committee tasked with carrying out a two-year study sponsored by the Office of the Directorate of National Intelligence (ODNI).

The study, titled “Social and Behavioral Sciences for National Security: A Decadal Survey,” is intended to identify areas of research across the social and behavioral sciences that can contribute to the intelligence community’s analytical capacity.

As part of this committee of multidisciplinary scholars, Rohde will be working with members of the intelligence and security communities to evaluate the needs and expectations of the government in this area.

“This is such an unusual and critical moment in the intelligence community—one that was not anticipated when ODNI commissioned the study," says Rohde. "It’s not often that historians get to watch and participate in history in the making."

Joy Rohde is an assistant professor of public policy at the Ford School and the author of Armed with Expertise: The Militarization of American Social Science Research during the Cold War (Cornell University Press, 2013).