Lin provides analysis of Supreme Court immigration ruling, Trump response

June 27, 2018

Professor Ann Lin was interviewed about the Supreme Court's ruling in favor of President Trump's travel ban by Associated Press reporter Mark Sherman.

The article, published in the June 26, 2018 edition of the Detroit News, outlines the parameters of the decision and the president's response to it, coming on the heels of the Administration's retreat, under strong public pressure, from its policy of separating migrant babies and children from their parents at the border.

“Of course, [the decision] will embolden him," says Lin. "He basically read the Supreme Court decision as supporting his policy decision, rather than its supporting his capacity to make that decision as the president."

The article notes that Lin went on to offer a "'“ray of hope' for immigration advocates." The Court's decision is "at its core is about an injunction — whether the courts could stop Trump from executing the travel ban. The next legal challenge could be over the ban’s implementation," writes Sherman. “The place where advocates have to push back," states Lin, "is to say this ban is unconstitutional not on its face but in the way it’s being carried out."

Read the Associate Press article here.