Harris discusses financial inclusion and earned wage access

March 22, 2021 Future of Pay Podcast

Adrienne Harris sits down with the  Future of Pay podcast to discuss ways to increase financial inclusion, earned wage access, and the fixed pay cycle. "The fact that people get paid every two weeks or every month is really born of an arcane system where people were only getting checks...The technology is certainly there to pay people more often. We are not talking about advancing money... it is money they've already earned....If you think about an average consumer who gets paid every two weeks...on day one of the month, they get half their income but all of their bills like their rent or mortgage are due. All of it gets spent in one shot, so what do you do the rest of the month for food, heat, and dog food? Allowing that person to access more wages a week later to go about normal financial things becomes incredibly important." 

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