Hausman breaks down how the EU's carbon border tax will work on NPR

August 11, 2021 NPR Here & Now

The world watches as the European Union implements a carbon border tax, wondering if it will help cut down global carbon emissions. Catherine Hausman, associate professor of public policy, discusses the leakage problem, charging for pollution, and things to watch as the policy is rolled out on NPR Here & Now.

"The two things I’m interested in to see going forward are number one, to see how this interacts with the other trade policies that are in place and that are being discussed and the other carbon pricing programs that are in place around the world," she said. "The other thing I want to look for, if this holds and there isn’t so much pushback that they have to roll it back, I want to look for whether this serves as a template for what other countries can do with similar border adjustments."