Statement from Dean Barr regarding Regent Weiser

March 28, 2021

Regent Weiser's statements regarding three of Michigan's top elected leaders and two of Michigan's Congressional representatives do not reflect the values of the University, as President Schlissel has stated.
His statements are also fundamentally antithetical to my values and those of the Ford School. At a time in which political violence is a real and horrific threat, it is unacceptable and dangerous for elected leaders to use misogynistic, demeaning language or make allusions to violence.
At the Ford School, we train people for service to the public good. Regent Weiser supports our work on diplomacy and public service. With his remarks on Thursday, he fell far short of the expectations and hopes we have for our community. 

I and my fellow deans have also signed a letter in solidarity with the women deans of the University addressed to Regent Weiser.

--Michael S. Barr, Joan and Sanford Weill Dean of Public Policy

Read the letter from the deans, and statements from President Schlissel, Provost Collins, and Regent Weiser here.