Stevenson and Wolfers on 'The Great Reallocation'

December 8, 2021 The New York Times

Writing in The New York Times, Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers shared their views on what the future of work looks like in 2022—an economic upheaval they call "The Great Reallocation"—which just may lead to a more humane labor market.

They said, “Beyond working from home, many people are looking for something new. They are negotiating where and how much they choose to work, and are walking away from low-paying, high-risk jobs. Some want to strike a better balance by working less or finding a less stressful or demanding position. Others are seeking better opportunities to build the career they truly want. The shifting pandemic economy, in which there are a record number of job openings, has given workers the bargaining power to demand — rather than merely hope for — these changes.”