Stevenson highlights 'returnships' for mothers

June 1, 2021 CNN Business

The pandemic has forced many working mothers to leave the workforce and instead care for their children at home. The issue as the world opens back up: how can those women return to the workforce. "Returnships", or programs that offer training, experience, and networking to returning workers, are making that transition easier. Betsey Stevenson, professor of public policy and economics, explained to CNN Business how they help.

"One area in which [the US labor market] is just not that flexible is letting people take time out of work and then come back in without there being kind of a 'Scarlet 'L' for 'Leaver' on their sweater that signals to the labor market that somehow they are damaged goods," Stevenson said. "There are lots of exits off the highway of our lifetime work, but very few on-ramps. And returnships are one of those on-ramps."