Threatening protests earlier in 2020 created an environment for the insurrection, says Bednar

January 10, 2021 MLive

Bednar told MLive that antigovernment actions earlier in 2020 in Michigan had created an environment that led to the storming of Congress on January 6th.

“Do you remember the day when there were several men who entered the Senate gallery in Lansing bearing arms? That image was in my head.”

“Absolutely it was unprecedented. And then we started to accept it as normal. And so then it happens again,” Bednar said. “Unless you reject something fully, immediately, it can become normalized and becomes the new way we engage politically.”

There’s more pretext to Wednesday’s riot than what happened in Michigan this spring. But there are clear parallels in imagery, Bednar said.

“I can’t say that this is directly connected,” Bednar said. “But we see these links.”

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