Wileden examines COVID-19 racial disparities in Detroit

March 3, 2021 Brookings

"One in every 645 Black people in the United States can expect to die from COVID-19, per data from February 2021. Blacks are 2.1 times more likely than whites to die from the virus. In fact, if Blacks had the same death rate as whites from COVID-19, roughly 25,000 fewer Black people would have died in 2020." So begins a Brookings report co-written by Ford School PhD candidate Lydia Wileden which looks at some of the factors: 

"Why are Blacks disproportionately infected and dying from COVID-19? And, what are the broader COVID-19 related challenges for Black families and communities? How does COVID-19 impact other health-related issues, employment, housing, food, education, and business ownership?"

The report can be read here: “Examining and Addressing COVID-19 Racial Disparities in Detroit.