Ali on backing Ukraine for the long haul

October 13, 2022 CanadaTalks Sirius XM 167

Javed Ali, CanadaTalks Sirius XM 167: "So, the ebb and flow of the fight in Ukraine is, unfortunately, sort of a byproduct of the shifting momentum on both sides, in terms of what Ukraine and Russia are able to do to each other and then also how much support they are getting from their own collections of allies. So even over the last 24-48 hours, we've seen Russia try to or attempt to regain some momentum with these terrible ballistic and cruise missile strikes, against mostly civilian targets in Ukraine. That has led President Zelenskyy and other Ukrainian officials to ask for even more defensive systems beyond what they've already been provided by NATO and the West to include air defense systems. and THis has just continued as the battle itself unfolds in these really tactical ways in the coming days and weeks."